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Welcome to the Magic General Discussion forum!

Before posting here, please make sure to check out The Official Magic FAQ (in the Tutorials forum). It is designed to answer to the most common questions, and we update it regularly.

Also watch our Tutorial Videos and have a look at the Magic User's Guide, which will probably answer the rest of your questions.

If you ask a question that has already been answered here on the forums, don't expect a quick reply! ;) Please do a quick search to avoid posting duplicate topics.

This is a welcoming and friendly community, and everyone here will appreciate your politeness and your respectfulness. Negative comments will not be tolerated, and will be deleted immediately. Repeated offenses may result in a permanent user ban.

Finally, please keep in mind that anything you post in these forums, especially images/videos, can be used to promote Magic elsewhere -- but we will always credit you.

Thanks very much!
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